The Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Patient talking to health professional at desk at inpatient rehab

Those struggling with addiction may be overwhelmed by the prospect of seeking treatment and recovery. Finding the right addiction treatment program for you is crucial for successful recovery. Everyone has a unique experience with substance abuse that results in a distinct set of needs and concerns that need to be addressed during treatment. Understanding your needs and goals for recovery will help you determine what kind of rehab program is right for you. Each program offers distinct benefits and will be more helpful for some patients than others.

At Northpoint Nebraska, we offer evidence-based inpatient programs where patients can go through detox, improve their mental health, and learn how to maintain lifelong sobriety. We take an integrated approach to treatment that attacks addiction and mental health conditions from all angles to help individuals heal fully. Our inpatient rehab program typically starts with drug detox & rehab. Please reach out to our team today to learn more about the inpatient programs we offer.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

In inpatient rehab, patients stay at the facility with around-the-clock attention and medical support. It is also referred to as residential treatment and provides individuals with stability and structure as they go through their recovery journey. Inpatient rehab provides patients with a safe environment where they can reflect on their addiction and focus all their attention on their recovery. The first step in treatment is for patients to detox, where they get the drugs out of their system. People often experience withdrawal symptoms that can be physically and mentally taxing. While going through detox in inpatient treatment, patients are monitored by our professional staff and receive medical attention to help ease symptoms.

Inpatient rehab is ideal for those who require 24-hour supervision. People who are just starting their recovery journey and those who have struggled with substance abuse for a long time can succeed in inpatient rehab. Being away from home can be overwhelming, but it is often beneficial for those in recovery to get away from relationships or environments that may have contributed to their addiction. Our patients can participate in various therapy programs that help them identify their triggers, develop coping strategies, and create a plan to maintain lasting recovery.

The Benefits of an Inpatient Rehab Facility

While treatment is not easy, it is often effective. Addiction is a complex disease, and everyone’s experience is unique. Our inpatient rehab facility can help you or your loved one become sober and achieve long-term sobriety.

The benefits of an inpatient rehab facility are:

  • Safe, supportive environment
  • Healthy support systems and peer groups
  • Professional and medical supervision
  • Treatment during detox and withdrawal
  • Access to therapy programs
  • Structure and stability
  • Privacy
  • Individualized treatment plans

If you or someone in your life is struggling with drug addiction, it is vital to seek professional treatment. It is the safest and most effective option for successful recovery. Those who try to become sober without professional help often fail and put their physical and mental health at greater risk. Our inpatient rehab facility offers many benefits and provides men and women seeking treatment the care and support they need.

Our Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility at Northpoint Nebraska

We provide various programs and services at our inpatient drug rehab facility to assist our patients in every stage of their recovery. Some of the treatment and therapy programs we offer at our inpatient drug rehab facility are:

  • Alcohol detox and rehab
  • Drug detox and rehab
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment
  • Relapse prevention program
  • Medical detox program
  • Vivitrol treatment
  • Anxiety treatment program
  • Bipolar treatment program
  • Depression treatment program
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy program
  • Group therapy program

Reach out to Northpoint Nebraska at 888.351.3834 to learn more about the benefits of inpatient rehab.