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Reasons to Choose an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab vs. Outpatient

Folks in group therapy in an inpatient rehab

For those looking to overcome an alcohol addiction, you should not try to become sober on your own. The early stages of detox can be extremely dangerous and may require medical attention. Instead, it is ideal to seek an addiction treatment facility that can monitor your health and safety during each stage of recovery. To recover from addiction, it is vital that patients also receive treatment for the mental and emotional impacts.

At Northpoint Nebraska, we take an integrated approach to addiction treatment. Our holistic perspective involves healing the mind, body, and soul to achieve lasting wellness and recovery. Finding the right treatment program for you also plays a significant role in achieving and maintaining sobriety. In our inpatient rehab program, the first step in recovery is to go through detox and flush the sub out of your system. If you or someone in your life is struggling with alcohol addiction, our alcohol detox and rehab can help.

What Is Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient?

Inpatient rehab is when patients stay at the facility to receive treatment. Individuals receive the highest level of treatment as they are monitored 24/7. Our staff supervises them through detox and intense withdrawal symptoms and provides people with around-the-clock support. At Northpoint Nebraska, our program length varies depending on the patient’s medical and personal needs. In addition to going through detox safely, individuals also participate in addiction therapy programs where they learn to identify triggers, avoid relapses, and maintain long-term sobriety. In outpatient treatment, patients attend treatment programs and return to their homes after. The flexible schedule allows individuals to attend to other responsibilities at work or home.

Inpatient rehab is ideal for those in recovery who require extra attention and support. For alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to receive treatment while also living at home. Outside influences can be distracting or pose challenges, especially since alcohol is a legal substance. In inpatient rehab, patients have a safe, private environment where they can focus all their attention on their healing and recovery.

Why Should I Choose an Inpatient Rehab Facility?

There are many reasons to choose an inpatient rehab facility for alcohol addiction. Staying at the facility ensures that those who require 24-hour care are safe and have access to the support they need. Our highly-trained staff assists those in recovery through the uncomfortable withdrawal process and develops individualized treatment plans that meet the needs of each patient.

The benefits of an inpatient rehab facility are:

  • Medical professionals are present to ensure health and safety during detox and throughout treatment
  • A safe, comfortable, and highly structured environment
  • Being surrounded by a healthy support system of fellow patients and counselors who can provide care and encouragement through each stage of recovery
  • Freedom from outside negative influences, distractions, or triggers that may influence substance abuse
  • Increased privacy to focus on your recovery
  • Access to various addiction treatment and therapy programs

At our inpatient rehab facility, individuals have an opportunity to reflect on their addiction and restore their physical and mental health. Patients learn how to maintain their sobriety outside of treatment and create effective aftercare plans for their future. Alcohol addiction treatment can be overwhelming, but inpatient rehab can help you or a loved one start a happier and healthier life.

Discover Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility at Northpoint Nebraska

At our inpatient drug rehab facility, patients can participate in various evidence-based treatment and therapy programs to aid in their recovery progress. Some of the additional programs and services we offer are:

  • Co-occurring disorders treatment
  • Relapse prevention program
  • Medical detox program
  • Vivitrol treatment program
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy program

To learn more about our inpatient rehab, contact our team at 888.351.3834.