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How Nutrition Plays a Role in Addiction Recovery

addiction treatment specialist making notes on clipboard while offering patient and apple and explaining how nutrition plays a role in addiction recovery

When someone struggles with addiction, it significantly harms their overall health and well-being. In addition to the many physical side effects, those battling substance abuse often neglect their health and do not adequately take care of themselves. This can lead to further complications and side effects. During treatment and recovery, patients not only go through detox but work on restoring their physical and mental health. At Northpoint Nebraska, we examine how nutrition plays a role in addiction recovery. We take an integrated approach to treatment to ensure our patients heal fully.

Individuals living with addiction are often not mindful of or prioritizing nutrition. Proper nutrition is vital throughout detox and the early stages of recovery. We provide nutrition counseling for patients to help them detox safely and prepare for long-term sobriety. Call Northpoint Nebraska at 888.351.3834 today to learn more about our programs and services.

How Nutrition Plays a Role in Addiction Recovery

In nutrition counseling, a trained health professional helps individuals make healthy eating decisions and form nutritious eating habits. Substance abuse can negatively impact your nutrition and body by causing individuals to lose their appetite or forget to eat. This can deteriorate your physical health. Detox and withdrawal take a significant toll on your body. A healthy and properly nourished body can make the process safer and easier, which is how nutrition plays a role in addiction recovery.

Understanding How Nutrition Helps in Recovery

Eating a healthy and balanced diet ensures that you receive the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your body. If you are not prioritizing nutrition, it can make your body weak. This is not ideal for detox and treatment, which is already taxing on the body. How nutrition helps in recovery is by creating a solid foundation and providing strength and nourishment. For efficient healing and recovery, it’s crucial to maintain proper nutrition to restore your strength. It is also not uncommon for individuals to turn to food or sweets when they experience cravings, so forming a healthy relationship with food also limits the risk of patients trading one addiction for another.

The Benefits of Nutrition Counseling for Addiction

There are many benefits of proper nutrition in addiction recovery. Those who struggle with addiction likely do not eat enough or do not make healthy eating decisions. During treatment and recovery, individuals have the time and opportunity to adopt healthy habits for themselves, including proper diet and nutrition. Some of the benefits of nutrition counseling for addiction are:

  • Improving physical health
  • Repairing nutritional deficiencies
  • Helping control cravings
  • Reducing pain and discomfort during detox and withdrawal
  • Regulating dopamine levels
  • Developing healthy eating habits that can be maintained throughout treatment and sobriety

Nutrition plays a role in recovery because food provides energy and the crucial vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. A proper diet helps the body heal and reverse some of the side effects of substance abuse. Learning healthy eating habits can also help motivate patients and encourage self-care. To achieve lasting sobriety, individuals must learn to take care of themselves, and nutrition plays a critical role.

Enroll in Our Addiction Treatment Programs at Northpoint Nebraska Today

If you are living with addiction, do not wait to seek the help you need. A professional treatment program offers you your best chance at lifelong sobriety. At Northpoint Nebraska, we tackle substance use disorders and mental health conditions from all angles. We provide various programs and services to ensure each patient gets the support they need to heal safely and effectively.

In addition to nutrition counseling, we also provide the following therapy programs: family therapy, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, meditation therapy, and music therapy.

Our team can help you restore your physical health and form healthy eating habits. To get started on your recovery, contact us at 888.351.3834 or reach out to Northpoint Nebraska online.