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5 Signs of Painkiller Withdrawal

young woman exhibiting one of 5 sings of painkiller withdrawal being consoled and supported by older adult female.

When someone is dealing with chronic pain or symptoms from an injury or surgery, they may be prescribed painkillers, like opioids. Some common ones include OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, and Codeine. Painkillers reduce the perception of pain by binding to opioid receptors in the brain, spinal cord, and other areas of the body. While they can be an effective way to treat pain, they are also widely misused across the United States. When abused, painkillers can lead to significant side effects on your health and well-being. They can be highly addictive, and the misuse of painkillers is contributing to the opioid epidemic crisis plaguing communities across the country. Without professional help, quitting painkillers is extremely challenging and can even be dangerous.

At Northpoint Nebraska, we understand the obstacles that come with abstaining from painkillers. Going through detox and withdrawal puts a lot of strain on the mind and body. Our painkiller addiction treatment program can provide you or your loved one with the support needed to become sober safely and effectively.

Why It Is Important to Recognize Painkiller Addiction Signs

Painkiller withdrawal is one of the most arduous because it is easy for someone to become physically dependent on opioids. This means they require more and more of the substance to get the desired effects and need to continue using it to feel normal and to ward off withdrawal symptoms. Recognizing painkiller addiction signs or painkiller withdrawal signs can alert you that someone is struggling and that they need help. Going through detox from painkillers takes a significant toll on your physical and mental health. Receiving professional treatment and support gives you the best chance of a safe and successful detox and recovery.

5 Signs of Painkiller Withdrawal

Below are five signs of painkiller withdrawal. If you notice a combination of these signs in yourself or a loved one, reach out to an addiction treatment facility.

1. Nausea and Vomiting

This is one of the most common painkiller withdrawal symptoms. When someone stops taking opioids, their body must adjust to no longer having the substance after it becomes accustomed to it. This often triggers vomiting and feelings of nausea that can be unpleasant, but with proper attention, it can be managed.

2. Excessive Sweating

This is another one of the common painkiller withdrawal signs to look out for. Detox can raise body temperatures, and your nervous system works to rid the body of toxins. This can lead to an increase in sweating.

3. Disturbed Sleep

Individuals going through painkiller withdrawal often experience insomnia. As your body detoxes and adjusts to sobriety and the lack of mood-altering substances. Poor sleep and waking frequently during the night are common during painkiller withdrawal and can be a sign that someone is struggling to quit.

4. Chills

As the body works to rid itself of toxins during withdrawal, individuals often experience flu-like symptoms, such as chills. Body temperatures often fluctuate, which can make regulating body temperature challenging and lead to feeling cold.

5. Irritability and Agitation

This may be one of the most prominent painkiller withdrawal signs. When someone uses painkillers, it limits feelings of pain and triggers powerful reward centers in the brain. Quitting these substances impacts your physical and mental health as you overcome dependence. This is an unpleasant and uncomfortable process, which often makes patients feel irritable and agitated.

No one should go through painkiller withdrawal symptoms alone. If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or a loved one, reach out to Northpoint Nebraska’s painkiller addiction treatment program in Central Omaha.

Northpoint Nebraska Can Help with Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

At Northpoint Nebraska, we help patients through each stage of their recovery, from detox to relapse prevention. Some of the addiction treatment programs and therapies we provide patients are:

We treat a variety of substance use disorders, including opioids and prescription drugs.

Contact Northpoint Nebraska Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with painkiller withdrawal symptoms or an opioid use disorder, Northpoint Nebraska can help. Our experienced and compassionate addiction specialists can provide a continuum of care that shepherds you from that initial call through detox, inpatient treatment, and beyond. If you are ready to begin your treatment, contact our team at 888.351.3834 or reach out to Northpoint Nebraska online.